Company Profile

Cryogenic Ltd is the leading supplier of high field superconducting magnets and low temperature measurement systems which operate without liquid helium.

Liquid helium is an expensive consumable which limits the application of superconducting and low temperature technology especially in countries that do not have indigenous sources of liquid helium.

Cryogenic supplies instruments and equipment for many applications these include

  • Measurement systems with VSM, AC susceptibility, resistivity, Hall effect, heat capacity, thermal conductivity and Seebeck effect.
  • SQUID instruments for highly sensitive magnetometers and QHR metrology
  • Research magnets systems with fields to 20 Tesla in NbSn and to 25 Tesla or more using HTS insert coils
  • NMR MRI and ESR magnets and systems including gradient coils RF probes and consoles
  • UHV beam-line target magnets and Neutron setting magnets
  • Ultra low temperature He3 and DR systems to 10 mK with rotating platforms
  • Low temperature platforms for STM and AFM systems to 30 mK

The company still builds traditional liquid helium systems for all sorts of customers; some with extremely low helium consumption figures.

Cryogenic builds many standard systems that can be shipped on relatively short delivery. They have the advantage to be both economic to purchase and to operate.

For customers with special requirements our team of experienced physicists and engineers can design and build complex and very sophisticated Cryogenic magnet systems. Recent examples are fast ramp magnets that can achieve 7 Tesla in 7 seconds and other large magnets with very powerful high performance power supplies that allow high rates of field change to full field.

Our business growth has come from successful customer referrals. We understand that product and customer support is a big issue for our customers. We can often provide this support over the internet; carrying out diagnostics on system operation as well as giving software upgrades and operational advice. We also have service and customer support staff based in London and overseas who can carry out routine service as well as repairs to the physical systems.

Our sales team and our experienced design staff  are always happy to discuss customer requirements based on our  in depth experience of more than 30 years, in this very specialised technology.

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