Actively shielded NAB Spectrometer

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Largest Cryogen-Free system in the world successfully installed!

Used to make precision neutron decay measurements and test the weak interaction in the standard model of particle physics.

  • Detector is housed in a cryogen-free magnet system 7.5 m long and ø1.4 m.
  • Magnet cold mass > 1 tonne, cooled by four Gifford McMahon cryocoolers.
  • Operates both horizontally and vertically.
  • Cryostat houses eleven separate superconducting cryogen-free magnets producing a complex field profile along a central gold-plated UHV cold bore tube.
  • All core magnets are actively shielded to limitexternal stray fields.
  • Bore tube is ø320 mm with a 70 mm restriction above the neutron beam.
  • Evacuated to 10-11 mbar when cold.
  • Total mass over 3 tonnes.

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