Cryogen-Free Superconducting Magnet For Diamagnetic Levitation

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We have delivered a vertically-aligned solenoid housed in a compact cryostat with a 58.5 mm diameter room-temperature bore offering unprecedented accessibility to the levitated sample. A single 1.5 W pulse-tube cold-head is used to cool the magnet system with remote-motor and linear-drive to Minimise vibrations.

At its maximum field the magnet generates a peak levitation ‘force’ of 1600 T2/m (for water, stable levitation is achieved at a value of 1370 T2/m or above). At this field the levitation point for a water droplet is situated just 22 mm inside the main bore-tube (46 mm below the cryostat top-plate).
An optional variable-temperature cryostat is available allowing the full central-field to be used for temperature dependent experiments.

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