UHV Superconducting Magnet System for XMCD measurements

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Cryogenic Ltd has delivered an Ultra High Vacuum (UHV), nested split-pair, superconducting magnet system for use in XMCD measurements. The provides magnetic fields along the two orthogonal axes in the horizontal plane and provide a variable-temperature sample-space at the field centre between 1.5K and 400K.  The magnet system is comprised of a 9 Tesla split-pair coil parallel to the beam and an orthogonal 4 Tesla split-pair magnet.

The system is  bakeable to 100˚C with a especially designed bake-out jacket with built-in heaters and control unit. The VTI is mounted on a manipulation-stage which allows ±25mm of vertical movement and ±180º of rotation.  The sample is mounted on the lower tip of the VTI in vacuum and is electrically isolated to 50 GΩ.

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