Mini Cryogen Free Systems (mCFMS) 3-7 Tesla

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Cryogenic offers cryogen free measurement systems, which include a cryocooler, cryostat with superconducting magnet  (3, 5, or 7 Tesla), variable temperature sample space, a selection of special probes for measurements of different physical properties, as well as electronics, computer and measurement software.

Key components:

  • Pulse tube cryocooler: Base temperature below 3 K, cooling power 0.5 W or 1 W at 4.2 K (depending on the size of the magnet)
  • High stability 20 Bit magnet power supply 
  • Variable temperature sample space: 25 mm ID, 100 mm long isothermal region, with a possibility of a single optical access.
  • Cooling for both the magnet and the sample space is provided by a cryocooler, so neither liquid nitrogen or liquid helium is required.


Key Features

The key advantages of the Cryogen Free Facilities are:

Completely dry system
Operate superconducting magnet and control sample temperature without the need for liquid nitrogen or liquid helium.​

Flexibility in scheduling experiments
System can be switched off when not in use and it takes less than 8 hours to cool the magnet and sample space to the operating temperature.

Magnetic field
Choice of 3 Tesla, 5 Tesla or 7 Tesla superconducting magnets, with high performance current sources.

Variable temperature. Closed circuit gas flow VTI with continuous sample temperature control from 1.6 Kelvin to 400 Kelvin.

Compatibility with various measurement options from Cryogenic Ltd:

  • VSM and AC Susceptibility
  • Resistivity and Hall effect
  • Heat capacity
  • Thermal Transport
  • Helium-3 refrigerator insert
  • Rotating platforms

Electronics and Automation
Modular structure and reliability through using instruments by world leading manufacturers.

End users are encouraged to integrate their custom designed experiments with the m-CFMS platform.

Low running costs
Service interval for the cryocooler now increased to 30,000 hours.