Cryogen free Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Systems

For users who need ultra-low temperatures and high magnetic fields, Cryogenic Ltd manufacture a comprehensive range of fully cryogen free dilution refrigerating system with solenoid or vector magnetic fields.

The magnet and associated cryostat is designed and built at Cryogenic Ltd. The dilution refrigerator (DR) is designed and built by Giorgio Frossati at Leiden Cryogenic. The whole system is tested, delivered, installed and guaranteed by Cryogenic Ltd.

Both magnet and DR are cooled by separate 1.5 watt pulse tube cryocoolers.  The DR cryostat is attached directly to the top plate of the magnet cryostat; however, both units can be separated and operated autonomously if required.

Samples can be loaded directly into the magnetic field centre using a top loading probe with a range of instrumentation options.